Adam Gase: ‘I want Jamal [Adams] on our team’

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Blake Harper, Yardbarker
2020-06-27 05:36:27

Jamal Adams has requested a trade from the New York Jets, but coach Adam Gase says he’d still like the safety to be a part of the team.

“Yes, I want Jamal on our team,” Gase told NFL Network’s Kim Jones.

Since Adams’ request, there has been speculation that his relationship with Gase is a major factor in his desire to leave the team. However, Gase insisted that the two have a good relationship.

“My relationship with Jamal has been good since the time that we’ve gotten here,” Gase said. “To me, we’ve always gotten along well (on and off the field).”

While Gase was open about his desire to keep Adams on the Jets, he would not divulge the details of any communication he may be having with the safety.

“Anything that’s gonna deal with communication with Jamal will stay between us,” Gase said. “That’s how we’re operating in-house and keeping our locker room tight.”

Earlier this week, defensive coordinator Gregg Williams also expressed his desire to keep Adams on the Jets.

“I want him to feel good about being here,” Williams said. “I want him to feel good about everything that’s going on. And he knows when he gets inside the door and inside the white lines with us, there is a chemistry that’s outstanding…. I’ve been through this before with other players… and you can’t too emotional. I can’t. I’ve got to stay level-headed with that. And just know that I can’t wait to get a chance to coach him again.”

In his three years in the NFL, Adams has been one of the most dominant safeties in the league, making two Pro Bowls and being named an All-Pro last season. The Jets picked up Adams’ fifth-year option in February, but earlier this month, Adams publicly expressed his desire to be traded from the team.

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